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1*   Саt 3516С НD Engine 3005 marine  propulsion   2017 y.p.  (01 unit)
Diesel/Model:  3516 С/HD  Serial Number:  PXJ Prefix  Engine Arrangement No. 385-6962. Arr. 3856962.
3005 hp@1800 rpm        Hours:  0  Since New
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New Саt 3516С НD Engine 3000 marine 2017 Heavy Duty Marine Propulsion Engine. Rated at 3005 hp (2240 kw), 1800 rpm, "B" Rated, Tier ll. Year 2017 with zero hours since new. Complete with sea water pump, standard expansion tank, flexible fuel lines, charging alternator, flywheel housing, and jacket water heater.  IMO II Certified. 
3*   Саt 3516С НD Engine 3000 marine   2015 y.p.  (03 units) 
Diesel/Model:  3516 С/HD  Serial Number:  TTJ Prefix Engine Arrangement: 282-9669. Arr. 2829669
3005 hp@1800 rpm        Hours:  0  Since New . These are 2015 vintage and are heat exchanger cooled.(included)
More Information:  
3* Саt 3516С НD Engine 3005 HP marine Propulsion Engines. Rated at 3005 hp, 1800 rpm, "B" rated. Year 2015, zero hours since new. Complete with flexible fuel lines, explosion relief valve, air starting motor, jacket water heater and heat exchanger cooled. IMO certified. 
2015 units come with the heat exchanger cooling. The 2017 unit does not include a cooling system. You would have to purchase a seperate cooling system for keel cooling or heat exchanger.


Also available: used CAT 3516B - HD 2373 HP @ 1600 rpm propulsion .for 3516C-HD 3005 HP @1800 rpm we have only new/unused surplus stock (not used at the moment)

CAT 3516C-HD Marine Propulsion Engine new

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