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MAN D2676LE423 (i6-800) marine engine available for sale, new unused , stock

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Marine diesel engine
D2676LE423 (i6-800)
Performance data .
Rated power 588 kW
Rated power 800 PS
Speed 2300 rpm
Bore 126 mm
Stroke 166 mm
Displacement 12,42 liter
Rated torque 2441 Nm
Maximum torque 2674 Nm
at speed 1400-2000 rpm
Engine description
Operation profile up to 1000 hours per year at a maximum of 20 % of time at full load | average load < 50 %
Construction four-stroke marine diesel engine, direct injection, SAE 1 flywheel housing
Cylinders 6 cylinders in line, single cylinder heads with wet replaceable cylinder liners
Air system single-stage turbocharger with charge air intercooler and wastegate
Cooling system seawater cooled charge air cooler and plate heat exchanger by rubber impeller pump
Oil system force-feed lubrication by gear pump, lubricating oil cooler in cooling water circuit of the engine
Fuel system Common Rail injection system with high pressure pump and EDC control, fuel to DIN EN 590
Auxiliary PTO PTO for hydraulic pump 16 cm.
Alternator three-phase generator with rectifier and transistorized governor, 28 V, 110 A
Starting system solenoid operated electric starter, 24 V, 5.5 kW
Service oil change interval 400 operating hours, average TBO 5.000 operating hours
Classification ---

Exhaust status IMO Tier II, RCD 2013/53/EC, RCD 94/25/EC, EPA Tier 3 recreational, 97/68/EC
. values at rated power . Tolerance +5% according to ISO 3046, diesel fuel to DIN EN 590 . values on propeller curve
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(Nussbeck) Date : 18.05.2016
D2676LE423 (i6-800)
A - overall width............ 986 B - overall length........... 1795 C - overall height........... 1096 D - above crank shaft.... 674 E - length to flywheel.... 1527 Engine weight (dry)....... 1215

MAN D2676LE423 (i6-800) marine engine available for sale, new unused

SKU: D2876LE423 (i6-800)
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