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Modular Gas Power Plant based TCG2032V16 Container Cogeneration Plant Контейнерные когенерационные газовые установки(газопоршневая ТЭЦ)

Modular Gas Power Plant based TCG2032V16 Container Cogeneration Plant Теполовая электростанция модульного типа (контейнерного) когенерация. Контейнерные когенерационные газовые установки

(газопоршневая ТЭЦ) Modular Power Plants based on the MWM TCG2032V16 units

4300kW each 50HZ 11000V

Container Cogeneration Plants

Available for the TCG 3016, TCG 3020 and TCG 2020 gas engine series

Short planning time

Mainly deployed for natural gas, biogas and cogeneration systems

Complete turnkey systems – planning, configuration, installation, service – all from one source.

Comprehensive plant concept

Optimal and flexible system design

Low maintenance costs and a longer lifecycle

Low installation costs

Контейнерные когенерационные газовые установки

(газопоршневая ТЭЦ)

Доступно для серий газовых двигателей TCG 3016, TCG 3020 и TCG 2020.

Короткое время планирования

В основном используется для систем природного газа, биогаза и когенерации.

Комплексные системы «под ключ» – планирование, настройка, установка, обслуживание – все из одних рук.

Комплексная концепция завода

Оптимальная и гибкая конструкция системы

Низкие затраты на техническое обслуживание и более длительный срок службы

Низкие затраты на установку

Main advantages of modular solution:

Each Modular Power Plant is an independent comprehensive complex containerized installment in which all constitued parts and components are carefully matched and prepared for fast installation – without requiring any long term on-site procedure. Gratuite to its modular plant elements, the installation time period is only few weeks each.

Furthemore, all the ready modules are delivered to the installation place prefabricated on the facrory , which pretty facilitates installation procedure locally on-site (at the end-user facilities). It means that precisely correct assembly even in places with limited infrastructure around is not an issue.

Efficiency in total

The base of each module is a MWM TCG2032V16 gas genset with an output power rating of 4.3 MWel, which can be reliably used in all natural gas and biogas fuel solutions. The gensets are designed for the highest electrical and thermal efficiency, low operating and service costs, high reliability and availability.

Location independent advantage and flexible power scalability

Each Modular Power Plant can be extended further to include up to six connected switched units, supplying a rated power output of up to 25.8 MWel. It is guarantee of highly efficient, decentralized and mobile power generation solution for different requirements.

Modular Power Plant important things in brief:

*Could be installed in just few weeks;

*Perfect for locations without existing infrastructure;

*Flexible power rate scalability, quick disassembly and moving to another location if required;

*Credit financing advantages due to relocatable system;

*MWM high efficient gensets based on extended maintenance intervals;

*Short investments payback period;

*Economicaly efficient power and heat generation process and reduced emissions;

*Fast maintenance and service worldwide;

*Simple planning and fast commissioning.


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