MTU Marine propulsion engine 16V4000M90 

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2x NEW MTU- 16V4000M90 * 3,650нр @ 2100 RPM, (2008 y.p.) available for sale
Warranty: Currently there is a 2 year warranty upon startup by MTU Dealer.
with 2x NEW ZF 7640 TRANSMISSIONS (2008)
WITH 3.826:1 REDUCTION RATIO; S/N & ................
Diesel Engines 16V4000 M90 for Vessels with Low Load Factors (1DS) 16M4000M90
Typical applications: Fast Yachts, Fast Patrol Boats, Police Craft and Fire-Fighting Vessels
Engine Model 16V 4000 M90
Rated power ICFN kW (bhp) 2720 (3650)
Speed rpm 2100 
No. of cylinders 16
Bore/stroke mm (in) 165/190 (6.5/7.5)
Displacement, total l (cu in) 48.7 (2978) 65.0 (3967)
Flywheel housing SAE 00 SAE 00
Gearbox type ZF 7640
i = 1.5 – 2.5 i = 1.5 – 3.0
Standard Equipment
Starting system Electric starter 24 V, 2 pole
Oil system Gear driven lube oil pump, lube-oil duplex fi lter with diverter valve, centrifugal oil fi lter, lube-oil heat exchanger,
handpump for oil extraction
Fuel system F uel delivery pump, fuel duplex fi lter with diverter valve, “Common Rail” fuel injection system with high-pressure pump,
pressure accumulator and electronic fuel injection with cylinder cutout system, jacketed HP fuel lines, fl ame proof
hose lines, leak-off fuel tank level monitored, fuel hand pump, fuel pre-fi lter with water separator
Cooling system M TU-split-circuit coolant system, coolant-to-raw water plate core heat exchanger, self priming centrifugal raw water
pump, gear driven coolant circulation pump, raw-water connection for gearbox cooling
Combustion air system Engine coolant temperature-controlled intercooler, sequential turbocharging with 2 water-cooled turbochargers,
on-engine set of seawater-resistant combustion-air fi lters
Exhaust system Triple-walled, liquid-cooled, on-engine exhaust manifolds, exhaust bellows (horizontal discharge)
Mounting system Resilient mounts
Power Transmission Torsional and offset compensating couplings
Auxiliary PTO Charging generator, 120A, 28V, 2 pole
Engine management system Engine control and monitoring system (MDEC), interface to gearbox control, interface to remote control and
monitoring system, local operating panel (LOP)