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Gas genset MWM TCG2032V16  power 4,3 MWe, voltage 10,5 kV  50 Hz used

TCG2032 used (2).jpg

Gas genset TCG2032V16  power 4,3 MWe, voltage 10,5 kV 
Year production - 2012. Used in good condition,well serviced,  working at the moment.  with 19.000 mh

In scope included:

1. Aggregate TCG2032V16 on a frame with Marelli alternator 10,5 kV.

2. AGS cabinet with cables for connecting to aggregate.

3. TEM IO controller.

4. Set of spring supports for TCG2032V16.

5. Zero-pressure gas train.
ready to dismantle :  immediately - after signing a contract , about 2 weeks.

Freight forwarding to be agreed further. (possible CIF delivery)

High Efficiency and Low Lubricant Consumption gas genset!

High fuel utilization and low operation costs thanks to optimized chamber spark plug
Increased efficiency through new closed crankcase ventilation that enables utilization of the blow-by gas
High availability through long maintenance intervals: first maintenance after 4,000 h, major overhaul after 80,000 h
With its lubricant consumption of only 0.2 g/kWh up to 30 percent lower lubricant consumption compared to competitor products thanks to optimized tappet sealing, coke stripping rings and ring packages

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