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Gas genset TCG2032V16  power 4,3 MWe, voltage 10,5 kV  50Hz   use

good running condition, EU well maintained .


Year production - 2012. Used in good condition,well serviced,  working at the moment.  with 19.000 mh


In scope included:


1. Aggregate TCG2032V16 on a frame with Marelli alternator 10,5 kV.  50Hz

2. AGS cabinet with cables for connecting to aggregate.

3. TEM IO controller.

4. Set of spring supports for TCG2032V16.

5. Zero-pressure gas train.
ready to dismantle :  immediately - after the order , about 2 weeks.

MWM Gas genset TCG2032V16 power 4,3 MWe, voltage 10,5 kV

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