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MWM TCG 2032 V16 4.0 MW  new unused gas generator sets  for sale 

MWM TCG2032V16 4.0 MW

YOM is 2019

new unused units, stock available

gas engines gensets  for sale

Location : Europe

Producer : MWM
Model : TCG2032V16
Speed : 1000 t/min.
Number of Cylinder : 16
Total Unit Number : 8
Electrical Power per Unit: 4300 kWe
Natural Gas Calorific Value : 8.800 kCal/Nm³
Natural Gas Consumption : 6.402 Sm³/h
Electrical Efficiency : %100 Load, % 42,0
Efficiency(Mechanical) : %100 Load, % 42,9
Generator Producer: AvK
Generator Model : AvK DİG 156 m6
Generator Power: 5336 kVA
Generator Voltage: 11kV

All units are stored in sealed and nitrogen charged wrapping. 
We have Factory Acceptance Tests, packing lists, and all details. These come with AVK alternators that can be set at 10.5kv or 11kv. 

also available :

2 sets of MWM TCG2020 v20 complete engine sets. 
There is also CHP equipment available for additional price. 50hz. 
YOM is 2017. See attached for more information.

MWM TCG2032V16 gas generator set new unused available

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