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New MTU 20V4000L32 gas genset for sale ГПУ генератор 2MW продажа
2 unit MTU 20V4000L32 gas genset engine MTU

Power : 2000 Kw
Manifacturing Year : 2019
Fuel : Gas
Volts : 400
Frequency : 50 Hz
Hours : 0 (New)

Equipments : Generating Set, MMC, MPI, Gas Ramp Train, Control panel


Gas reciprocating genset MTU 20V4000L32 (before this unit was called MTU 20V4000L62) is the most powerful genset in the series 4000 L32 (electric capacity is 1948 kW). The specific feature of this series is ability to work in hot climate due to 2-steps cooling of the mixture with lager radiating surface.
-able to work on lean fuel mixtures;

-The most up-to-date electronic ignition with separate timing adjustment, selection ignition energy and detonation regulation;

-Quick regulator of mixture and load.

- Sliding gear starter 24V


MTU 20V4000L32 gas genset units:

Gas supply with electronically controlled gas metering valve
Electronic high-voltage capacitor ignition system with one ignition coil
per cylinder
Electronic speed governor for speed and power output control with
automatic knocking control

New MTU 20V4000 L32 gas genset for sale ГПУ генератор 2MW

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