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MTU 16V2000M94 marine engine reconditioned sale

MTU 16V2000M94 marine engine reconditioned sale / long block MTU marine engine 16V2000M94 reconditioned sale

Diesel Engines 12V/16V 2000 M94 for Fast Vessels with Low Load Factors (1DS)

Typical applications:

Fast yachts, fast patrolboats, police craft and fire-fighting vessels

Engine model 16V 2000 M94

Rated power ICFN kW (bhp)

1939 (2600) Speed rpm 2450

No. of cylinders 16

Bore/stroke mm (in) 135/156 (5.4/6.1)

Displacement, total l (cu in) 35.7 (2179)

Flywheel housing SAE 0

Gearbox model ZF 3070 separately

Optimization of exhaust emissions2) IMO/EPA 2

Solas compliance Yes

Performance and Fuel consumption1) 16V 2000 M94

Speed rpm 2450 2100 1700 1200

Maximum power kW

1939 1810 1425 885

2600 2427 1911 1187

Standard equipment

Electric starter 24V

Charging generator, 80A, 28V, 2 pole

Gear driven lube oil pump, lube oil duplex filter with diverter valve, lube oil heat exchanger, handpump for oil extraction

Fuel feed pump, fuel hand pump, fuel pre-filter, fuel main filter with diverter valve, on-engine fuel oil cooler, HP fuel pump, jacketed HP fuel lines, injection nozzles (Common rail system) flame proof hose lines, leak- off tank level monitored

Coolant-to-raw water plate core heat exchanger, self priming centrifugal raw water pump, gear driven coolant circulation pump

Sequential turbocharging with 2 water-cooled exhaust-gas turbochargers, on-engine intake air filters

Tripple-walled, liquid-cooled, on-engine exhaust manifolds, single centrally located exhaust outlet, 1 exhaust bellows vertical discharge

Resilient mounts at free end

Engine and gearbox control and monitoring system (ADEC)

Charging generator, 140A or 200A, 28V, 2 pole, bilgepump, on-engine PTPs Centrifugal oil filter, oil replenishment system

Duplex fuel pre-filter

Coolant preheating system engine mounted, integr. seawater gearbox piping Exhaust bellows horizontal discharge

Resilient mounts at driving end

In compliance with classification society regulations (EMU + MEU)

smartline, blueline, bluevision

Torsionally resilient coupling

Reverse reduction gearbox, el. actuated, gearbox mounts, trolling mode for dead-slow propulsion, free auxiliary PTO, hydraulic pump drives

Power definition according ISO 3046

Intake air temperature 25°C / Sea water temperature 25°C Intake air depression 15 mbar / Exhaust back pressure 30 mbar Barometric pressure 1000 mbar

Power reduction at 45°C/32°C: none

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