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MTU Gas Generator set unused new machine 20V4000L64 FNER model (20V4000L64FNER) ges genset

MTU Gas Generator set 20V4000GS engine based unused machine for sale

Condition: Brand New still in factory packaging

Model: 20V4000L64FNER (20V4000L64 FNER genset model)

Volts: 11kV (11000 V)

Power rating: 2535 kWel

Frequency: 50hz

Speed: 1500 RPM


Engine Model 20V4000L64FNER

Version 93800052350-V04-en-GB

Number of cylinders /

configuration 20V

Engine speed 1500 r/min

Bore 170 mm

Stroke 210 mm

Displacement 95.3 L

Lube oil Capacity 350 L

Exhaust gas emissions

NOx, stated as NO2

(dry, 5% O2)

< 250 mg/m³ i.N

CO (dry, 5 % O2) < 1000 mg/m³ i.N

Open skid mounting.

Available optionally: modular containerised solution as well

containerised solution available as well:

MTU 20V4000L64 powered by

❖ MTU gas genset of electrical power 2535kWe, 11kV,

50Hz , Pf=1, powered by MTU engine 20V4000L64

❖ ISO 40' High Cube Container

❖ Re-cooling system for engine and mixture cooling

circuit (without heat recovery)

❖ Generator output field including customer ‘s


❖ MMC (MTU Module Control) for system control,

regulating ,diagnosis and protection

Features of Container version:

❖ Full transportability of the system (Rail, Road, Sea)

❖ Lloyd's CSC-certified (Convention Safety Container) for

trouble-free conventional transport (Rail, Road, Sea)

and stackable storage of the modules

❖ Plug & Play solution for the ease of “On site”

installation and operation

❖ Versatile use of the gensets (different operating


❖ Weather-proof

❖ Minimum external dimensions, ISO 40’HQ container

❖ Proven tested design (Extensive testing before launch

as standard products)

❖ Combinable optional packages to suit various


❖ Environment friendly provision (e.g. low noise level,

container floor sealed against leaking oil and water,

optional catalytic converter and CHP unit)

MTU Interface Panel (MIP):

Mounted directly on the base frame of all MTU

systems, the MTU Interface Panel (MIP) manages

engine and generator operation. It also controls

paralleling and synchronizing with other sources

of electricity, such as the utility or other generator

sets, and provides remote access and software

interfacing capabilities.

• Genset Control PLC

• Interface to Engine Control Unit ECU

• Interface to Alternator

• Bus interface to external (Modbus)

• On-base components cabled to MIP

MTU Module Control (MMC):

MTU’s highly customizable solution—the MTU

Module Control (MMC)—seamlessly links with

the MIP engine and generator set controls by

cable, making all vital data and functions

accessible to the operator from one convenient


• Operator interface

• DC power supply

• Data Logging capability

• Remote connection to MTU available

• Control of off base components

The MIP/MMC consolidates the following controls and functions:

Generator Set Controls

• Starter Battery Charger

• Gas train control

• Engine oil system (refilling)

• I/O’s (Inputs/Outputs), auxiliary


• Parallel/Island operation

• Load sharing

• PLC (Programmable Logic


• AVR (Automatic Voltage


• Energy-Measure-Module –


Engine Control Unit (ECU)

• Gas supply (mixture/lambda)

• Throttle / speed control

• Ignition control

• Turbo bypass

• Knocking detection / control

• Engine sensors / monitoring

• Emission sensor (NOx)

• Start / stop procedure

Accessory Controls

• Alarm system

• Data logging

• Visualization (webserver)

• MMC/MCS interfaces


• Customer interfaces (ex.


• HMI touchscreen

• Remote monitoring and



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